Panasonic CM402 CM602 Packing O Ring N210088855AA

P/N: N210088855AA
Panasonic Spare parts
Panasonic CM402 CM602 Packing O Ring
Usage: Panasonic pick and place machine

Panasonic CM402 CM602 Packing O Ring N210088855AA



Brand Name


Part number



panasonic pick and place machine spare parts


Test in machine confirmation


3 month

usage for machine

Panasonic CM402 CM602 NPM

O127 N610070389AD Tray Feeder Wiring:NPM

O129 MTKA017683AA Tray Feeder BOX(Made in China):NPM

O129 MTKA017683AA Tray Feeder BOX(Made in China):NPM

O131 N610121083AA Twin Tray Feeder Main Body :NPM-W

O143 N610121141AA Twin Tray Feeder Lift Section:NPM-W

O149 N610121188AA Twin Tray Feeder Drawing-out Section:NPM-W

O157 MTKA001707AA Twin Tray Feeder Connecting Unit:NPM-W2

O159 N610121661AA Label(Twin Tray Feeder Unit):NPM-W

O161 N610117733AC Twin Tray Feeder Wiring:NPM-W

O163 N610130549AA Drawing-out Section Sensor(A-Side):NPM-W

O165 N610130550AA Drawing-out Section Sensor(B-Side):NPM-W

O167 N610130744AA Attachment(Twin Tray Feeder):NPM-W

O169 N610121411AA 13-Slot Supply Cutting Part:NPM-W 13

O171 N610136570AA 13-Slot Supply Part:NPM-TT 13

O173 N610124211AA 13-Slot Supply Reel Holder Part:NPM-W 13

O177 N610167759AB 13-Slot Supply Connection Part:NPM-W2 13

O179 MTKA001596AB Label(13-Slot Supply Unit):NPM-W2

O181 N610121759AA 13-Slot Supply Part Wiring:NPM-W

O183 N610157741AA 12 NOZZLE HEAD:NPM

O195 N610064318AA 12 NOZZLE HEAD (H):NPM

O197 N610104459AA Attachment(12 Nozzle Head):NPM

O199 N610166370AA Light Weight 8 Nozzle Head

O211 N610165001AA Light Weight 8 Nozzle Head (H)

O213 MTKA003170AA Attachment(Light Weight 8 Nozzle Head)

O605 N610157742AA 8 NOZZLE HEAD:NPM 8

O617 N610066303AA 8 NOZZLE HEAD (H):NPM

O619 N610104460AA Attachment(8 Nozzle Head):NPM

O215 N610159207AA Light weight 16 Nozzle Head:NPM

O229 N610159868AA Light Weight 16 Nozzle Head (H):NPM

O231 N610160412AA Attachment(Light Weight16 NOZZLE HEAD):NPM

O233 MTKA009365AA 3 Nozzle Head V2

O247 MTKA012729AA Attachment(3 Nozzle Head V2)

O249 MTKA012727AA 3-NOZZLE HEAD V2 (H)

O621 N610157754AA 3 NOZZLE HEAD:NPM-W

O629 N610119855AA Attachment(3 Nozzle Head):NPM-W

O631 N610117728AA 3 NOZZLE HEAD:NPM-W

O251 N610087794AA Nozzle Changer Unit(12 Nozzle Head):NPM

O253 N610162467AA Nozzle Changer Unit(8 Nozzle Head):NPM

O255 N610119859AA Nozzle Changer Unit(3 Nozzle Head):NPM-W


O259 MTKA016581AA 3DLite(TYPE2) Build Up KIT

O261 N610155122AB 3D(TYPE3) Build Up KIT

O263 N610161300AA LED Lighting Unit(Side Lighting Unit:Option Specification-1)

O265 N610090811AA Component Eject Conveyor:NPM

O275 N610090813AA Component Eject Conveyor(H):NPM

O277 N610090812AA Label(Component Eject Conveyor):NPM



O319 N610081724AA Standard Calibration Jig Kit:NPM

O323 N610102523AA Standard Calibration Jig Case:NPM

O325 N610124226AB XY Plane Calibration Jig:NPM-W

O327 N610133833AA Machine Adjustment Jig Case:NPM

O329 N610146224AA Accuracy Verification Jig Kit:NPM

O333 N610102525AB Accuracy Verification Jig Case:NPM

O335 N610102524AA Pick-Up Height Teach Jig Case:NPM

O337 N610131603AA Machine Adjustment Jig Kit(Common Set):NPM

O303 N610072046AA GAUGE 0-250micro/scale10micro

O305 N610072047AA GAUGE 0-500micro/scale20micro


O309 N610126470AB Lubrication Set

O311 N610105662AA Attachment Case

O313 N610102541AA Unit Exchange Tool



O339 N610124224AB Head Stand(2Head):NPM-W

O341 N610008706AA Nozzle Case:High-Speed Type

O343 N610087275AA Nozzle Case:Multi-Function Head

O347 MTKA011192AA Feeder Stand:FA Type

O349 N610102613AA Feeder Set Jig

O351 N610008707AA Nozzle Case:Large Nozzle Type

O353 N610088306AA Transport Line 950mm Support:NPM

O355 N610085234AA Transport Line 930mm Support:NPM

O357 N610125948AA Transport Line 950 mm Support Kit for Feeder Cart:NPM-W

O359 N610125949AA Transport Line 930 mm Support Kit for Feeder Cart:NPM-W

O361 N610099162AA NPM:Support Station(H)

O363 N610111705AA Feeder cable with cover (Support ST)

O365 N610111706AB Cart cable with cover (Support ST)

O367 N610101135AC Wired Handy Scanner:NPM

O369 MTKA003645AA Wired Handy Scanner Putting Stand:NPM-W2

O371 N610131762AD Support Pin Setting Jig(Single):NPM-W

O373 MTKA018098AA Head Case:NPM

O375 N610080806AC FA PC kit

O377 N610131666AA HUB kit

O379 N610165687AA Safety standard-compatible (NFPA79: for the US / Canada) kit

O381 MTKA010819AA COVER (no multi recognition camera ):NPM-W2

O383 N610164024AA Dual Conveyor:NPM-W2

O405 N610133582AA Dual Conveyor (H):NPM-W

O407 N610167526AA Atttachment(Single Dual Conveyor):NPM-W2

O409 N610136658AB Support Pin Setting Jig(Dual):NPM-W

O411 N610122649AA Hight Sensor & Mount Hight Teach Jig Set:NPM

O413 N610164025AA Board Holder For Dual:NPM-W2

O419 N610134595AB Board Support Block For Dual:NPM-W

O421 N610134594AB Board Support Block For Single:NPM-W

O423 MTKA001470AA Extension Conveyor(Dual):NPM-W2

O427 MTKA001468AA Attachment(Extension Conveyor(Single Dual)):NPM-W2


O431 N610137921AA Board Support Pin

O433 N610169280AA Dual Conveyor Support Unit (For Main Body):NPM-W2

O435 MTKA001471AA Label(Extension Conveyor (Dual)):NPM-W2

O437 MTKA006140AA Safety Cover(Front side):NPM-W2

O441 N610147473AA Cable of Safety Cover(Front):NPM-W

O439 MTKA006141AA Safety Cover(Rear side):NPM-W2

O443 N610147474AA Cable of Safety Cover(Rear):NPM-W

O445 N610097389AA Proofreading treatment device fixation part

O447 N610106576AA MASTER JIG

O449 N610142243AD Wiring Assy OP for NPM-W_2D

O451 N610097135AA Inspection BOX

O455 MTKA010837AA Inspection BOX connection part:NPM-W2

O457 N610101854AB Label(Inspection BOX):NPM

O459 N610090438AB Inspection BOX (H):NPM 2D Inspection Head(A)

O461 N610157774AA 2D_Inspection Head_(A):NPM

2D Inspection Head(B)

O463 N610157775AA 2D_Inspection Head_(B):NPM 2DO465 N610157748AA DISPENSER HEAD:NPM O477 N610158086AA Label(DISPENSER HEAD):NPM


O481 N610111666AA Attachment(DISPENSER HEAD):NPM

O483 N610092665AA Test Dispense Unit (DISPENSER HEAD):NPM

O487 N610115551AA Attachment(Test Dispense Unit (DISPENSER HEAD)):NPM O489 N610115550AA NOZZLE CLEANING STATION(DISPENSER HEAD):NPM

O491 N610116404AA Attachment(Nozzle Cleaning Station(DISPENSER HEAD)):NPM


O495 N610116345AA NOZZLE SET(No.7202) NOZZLE SET(No.7202)

Headless Attachmentt Unit O497 N610157968AA Headless Attachment:NPM-D2

O499 N610123443AA Diskette Creation:APC Option

O633 MTKS000194AA Diskette Creation:APC-MFB2

Support Pin Automatic Change Unit U75 O501 N610145977AA Support Pin Automatic Change Unit:NPM-W

O519 N610124456AC Main Body Kit

O523 N610124455AC Parts Stage Kit

O525 N610124454AB Whole Cover Kit

O529 N610133439AC LABEL ASSY

O531 N610133688AA Attachment:Offline Camera Unit

O533 N610123270AD Offline Camera Unit (H)

O535 N610130076AB CPU BOX&Wiring:Offline Camera Unit

O537 N610146045AA Line Camera 2 Unit:NPM

O541 N610067531AB LED-LIT-194NP/LED Side Illumination

O543 MTKA001854AA 30 Exchange Chassis Drives Right Side Movable Cover:NPM-W2

O547 MTKA001855AA 30 Exchange Chassis Drives Left Side Movable Cover:NPM-W2

O551 MTKA001978AA Label (Movable Cover (Front Side)): NPM-W2

O553 N610152434AA Movable Cover:NPM-W2

O561 MTKA002576AA Label (Movable Cover (Rear Side)):NPM-W2

O563 MTKA002623AA Movable Cover Plumbing(Main Body Front Side):NPM-W2

O565 MTKA002646AA Movable Cover Plumbing(Main Body Rear Side):NPM-W2

O567 MTKA006094AA Light weight 16 Nozzle Head(48V):NPM

O581 MTKA006382AA Light Weight 16 Nozzle Head (H)(DC48V type):NPM

O231 N610160412AA Attachment(Light Weight16 NOZZLE HEAD):NPM

O583 MTKA006020AA LED Lighting Unit (PIP Lighting Unit): NPM-VF

O585 MTKA005412AF Head Camera LED Lighting Unit 2 Common Parts

O587 MTKA015411AA Character recog lightning control board additional kit:NPM

O589 MTKA015414AA Tray feeder Vibration control kit

O591 MTKA007983AB Nozzle Changer Unit:L(8 Nozzle Head):NPM-W2

O593 MTKA016047AA Load Checker

O595 MTKA016055AA Load Checker Support Unit:NPM-W2

O597 MTKA016057AA Load Checker Connection Parts(Front):NPM-W2

O599 MTKA016058AA Load Checker Connection Parts(Rear):NPM-W2

O601 MTKU002077AA NOZZLE(No.1599)

O603 MTKU001936AA NOZZLE(No.1599N) 


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