Panasonic Power Supply KXFP60QAA00

Panasonic Spare parts
Panasonic Power Supply
Usage: Panasonic pick and place machine

Panasonic Power Supply KXFP60QAA00



Brand Name

Panasonic Power Supply

Part Number





1 month

Usage for Machine

Panasonic CM402 CM602 NPM pick and   place machine


Test in machine before shippping


Original 100% and working

Delivery Methods

Ocean Transport, Air Transport, Air   Express Services

Delivery Terms


30 N610069934AA Tray Feeder Drawing-out Section:NPM

31 N610085231AA Label(Tray Feeder Unit):NPM

32 N610104466AA Attachment(Tray Feeder):NPM

33 N610085017AA Tray Feeder Connecting Unit:NPM

34 N610026559AA Multi-Step Tray Magazine (15PX10 Steps)

35 N610026560AA Multi-Step Tray Pallet:DT50S-20

36 N610049623AA Pallet for Vacuum-Formed Tray:DT50S-20

37 KXFX03L0A00 Chip Discharge Tray



39 N610070389AD Tray Feeder Wiring:NPM

40 MTKA017683AA Tray Feeder BOX(Made in China):NPM

40 MTKA017683AA Tray Feeder BOX(Made in China):NPM

41 N610121083AA Twin Tray Feeder Main Body :NPM-W

42 N610121141AA Twin Tray Feeder Lift Section:NPM-W

43 N610121188AA Twin Tray Feeder Drawing-out Section:NPM-W

44 MTKA001707AA Twin Tray Feeder Connecting Unit:NPM-W2

45 N610121661AA Label(Twin Tray Feeder Unit):NPM-W

46 N610117733AC Twin Tray Feeder Wiring:NPM-W

47 N610130549AA Drawing-out Section Sensor(A-Side):NPM-W

48 N610130550AA Drawing-out Section Sensor(B-Side):NPM-W

49 N610130744AA Attachment(Twin Tray Feeder):NPM-W

50 N610121411AA 13-Slot Supply Cutting Part:NPM-W

51 N610136570AA 13-Slot Supply Part:NPM-TT

52 N610124211AA 13-Slot Supply Reel Holder Part:NPM-W

53 N610167759AB 13-Slot Supply Connection Part:NPM-W254 MTKA001596AB Label(13-Slot Supply Unit):NPM-W2

55 N610121759AA 13-Slot Supply Part Wiring:NPM-W

56 N610157741AA 12 NOZZLE HEAD:NPM

57 N610064318AA 12 NOZZLE HEAD (H):NPM

58 N610104459AA Attachment(12 Nozzle Head):NPM

59 N610166370AA Light Weight 8 Nozzle Head

60 N610165001AA Light Weight 8 Nozzle Head (H)


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1) This is the first time I use this kind of machine, is it easy to operate?
There is English manual or guide video that show you how to use machine.
If you still have any question, please contact us by e-mail/ skype/ phone/ wechat online service.
2) If machine have any problem after I receive it, how can I do ?
Free parts send to you in machine warranty period.
If the part is less than 0.5KG, we pay the postage.
If it exceeds 0.5KG, you need to pay the postage.
3) MOQ ?
1 set machine, mixed order is also welcomed.
4) How can I buy this machine from you? ( Very easy and flexible !)
A. Consult us about this product on line or by e-mail.
B. Negotiate and confirm the final price , shipping , payment methods and other terms.
C. Send you the proforma invoice and confirm your order.
D. Make the payment according to the method put on proforma invoice.
E. We prepare for your order in terms of the proforma invoice after confirming your full payment And 100% quality check before shipping.
F.Send your order by air or by sea.
5)Why choose us ?
A. We have customer world wide, you can check our credit service with them !
B. Free Online installation, traning, programming and technical support !
C. One stop full Through Hole Assembly Line Equipments Solutions !