PCB Separator Depanelizer Machine

Cutting range: Max. 450*500MM
Positioning Accuracy: 0.01MM
Size: 1220*1200*1850mm
Weight: 650KG

PCB Separator Depanelizer Machine



HK-360 Mainly use iron knife high-speed operation, dual-platform four-axis servo drive to split the multi-chip PCB according to the pre-programmed path, replacing manual breaking or V-CUT or PUSH cutting defects, stress damage, and improving product quality. Reduce the scrap rate, this machine adopts man-machine interface, AC servo motor, WIN7 system operation interface, through the high-pixel CCD production program to teach editing the cutting path, and can be modified and simulated in a single step, using two servo mobile platforms as the exchange of PCB The upper and lower substrate device can effectively reduce the idle time of the machine, thereby achieving higher production efficiency and quality. The software has MAKE compensation, same workbench duplication, double workbench duplication, equipped with large, medium and small three windows for more precise programming, adding a rectangular frame on the basis of the original target, programming is more intuitive and accurate programming, MAKE geometric alignment is automatically captured, The two tables are completely independent of parameters. Compared with the traditional three-axis machine, the response is faster, the parameters are more independent, the efficiency is higher, and the cutting accuracy is more guaranteed.
The high-speed spindle adopts the Japanese NSK spindle motor widely used in the industry's high-end splitters. The spindle has high speed, long service life, convenient installation and unloading, and the cutting surface is smooth, burr-free, and flawless. And equipped with the original Japanese NSK spindle inverter, so that the spindle motor has a longer service life, higher cutting force, and the lowest temperature rise effect.
Using servo-driven two working platforms to alternately process and place PCB substrates, reduce waiting time, increase production capacity, and solve the accuracy problem of the steam red drive platform.
High-pixel color CCD and large magnification lens can assist program teaching and editing simulation functions. from
Move the MARK incorrect positioning system to improve the cutting accuracy. The board is not placed in place and the substrate is cut by mistake. It is faster to copy the left and right programs and switch models. Optional barcode reading function to realize 1D/2D barcode reading and save or upload, which is convenient for traceability and digital management.


 PCB Separator Depanelizer Machine

ITEM/Model no.



XYUZ Motion range



Single Table Cutting range




HIWIN Screw Guide

Positioning Accuracy

±0.01 mm

Servo System

Four Axis AC Panasonic servo motor


Japan NSK/German SycoTec

Spindle frequency

High Speed Frequency converter

Spindle speed


Spinkdle tool


Control computer

Adlink industrial computer

Cutting Speed

1 mmsec~100mm/sec

Cutting function

straight line, arc, circle cutting

Static Electricity Treatment

Static Eliminator

Dust collection

lower dust collection or upper dust collection

Dust collector size

1050m m*800mm*5 50mm



3 phase 5 wire 380V 3kw

Air Pressure


Machine size


1 550mm*1400m m*1850mm

Machine weight




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There is English manual or guide video that show you how to use machine.
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2) If machine have any problem after I receive it, how can I do ?
Free parts send to you in machine warranty period.
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3) MOQ ?
1 set machine, mixed order is also welcomed.
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