SAKI Inspection AOI BF-10Z

Resolution: 10μm, 20μm
Board size: 686 W x 870 L mm
Dimension:​ 1500x 1360x 1380mm
weight: 530 Kg

SAKI Inspection AOI BF-10Z



The SAKI AOI BF-10Z was developed especially for manufacturers building XL size panels, up to 686 x 870 mm (27.01 x 34.25 in.), for products such as communication base stations, server and storage assemblies, and LED back panels. The BF-10Z employs Saki's "Selective Resolution System," which enables users to operate in 10µm or 20µm resolution scanning modes. Users can select either mode, choosing the one that best matches accuracy and throughput needs. The BF-10Z's takt time is 48 seconds in 10μm mode, and 31.5 seconds in 20µm mode.

SAKI AOI BF-10Z In-line High Resolution and High Speed AOI In-line 2D AOI
Max PCB size is 330x250mm for BF-Planet-XII, 500x460mm for BF-FrontierII, 870x686mm for BF-10Z
Scanning time is only 4 seconds(BF-Planet-XII)
Compact body of only 60cm width (BF-Planet-XII)

With a superior resolution of 18μm and scanning line color CCDcamera, BF-Frontier II provide accurate and stable inspectionresults. Solder fillets on components as small as the high densitymounted 0201(0603) chip, as well as IC’s with 0.4mm pitch leadare easily inspected and analyzed.

In-line High Resolution and High Speed AOI
In-line 2D AOI
Max PCB size is 330x250mm for BF-Planet-XII,
500x460mm for BF-FrontierII, 870x686mm for BF-10Z
Scanning time is only 4 seconds(BF-Planet-XII)
Compact body of only 60cm width (BF-Planet-XII)

XXL  Inspection  in  a Compact Footprint

With the BF-10Z, Saki incorporates an innovative scanning method called “Multi-threading”. This enables BF-10Z to inspect XXL-size panels within its compact body, requiring the smallest production floor space of any system in its class.

Saki’s Innovative Coaxial TopLight - the Best Lighting for Solder Inspection
Like all Saki's 2D AOI Systems, the new BF-10Z uses Saki’s powerful Coaxial Top Light concept that illuminates the PCB surface from 9 0 degrees, perpendicular angle. Coaxial Top Light eliminates shadowing when shorter components are located next to much taller ones. Component libraries created with Coaxial TopLight are fully transportable - from location to location, board to board, and machine to machine.

Selective  Resolution  System

For manufacturers building XXL assemblies with ultra-small components like 0402 (01005) or 0.38 mm (0.015 in.) pitch ICs, Saki has equipped the new BF-10Z with a powerful 10 µm resolution scanning mode for accurate inspection of the micro-sized features of these devices. When operating in its standard 10µm resolution scanning mode, the BF-10Z can still inspect a maximum-size panel in 63 seconds. When running in its optional 20µm resolution mode, the new BF-10Z boasts a 10% increase in scanning speed over the previous XXL model, even with its 60% increase in scanning area. The BF-10Z’s tact time for a 686 x 870 mm (27.01 in. x 34.25 in.) panel is 39 seconds. Now users can select between either resolution operating modes, choosing the one that best matches their accuracy needs with their throughput needs.

XXL-Size  Flexibility

The BF-10Z features a 40 mm (1. 575 in.) c learance on both the top and bottom sides, providing enough room for the largest SMT

components. This means the BF-10Z can be installed anywhere in the assembly process: post- paste, post- placement, post- reflow, or after hand soldering.

Rely on the BF-10Z’s Real Time Defect Management & Analysis
The built-in real-time SPC functionality of the BF-10Z helps you to combine exceptional quality with high productivity for your SMT process. For more efficiency, network the BF-10Z with Saki’s family of optional AOI enhancements including the BF-Editor (off-line programming), the BF-RP1 (remote repair station), the BF-View (SPC & Quality Management Environment) and the BF- Monitor (AOI process management platform)


 SAKI Inspection AOI BF-10Z


10μm, 20μm (Selective Resolution System)

Board Size

50 W x 60 L - 686 W x 870 L mm

(1.97 W x 2.36 L - 27 W x 34.25 L in.)

Board Thickness

0.6 - 5.0 mm (0.02 - 0.196 in.)

Board Warp

2 mm (0.078 in.) or less

PCB Clearance

Top: 40mm, 1.57in. Bottom: 40mm, 1.57in

Rotated  Component Support

Available for 0 - 359°rotation (unit of 1°)

Inspection Categories

Presence/Absence, Misalignment, Tombstone, Reverse, Polarity, Bridge, Foreign material, Absence of solder, Insufficient solder, Lifted lead, Lifted Chip, and Fillet defect. Each defect name can be changed freely by system function.

Tact Time*1 *2

10μm : Approx. 63 sec.

20μm : Approx. 39 sec

Image Scanning Time*1

10μm : Approx. 15 sec. x 3

20μm : Approx. 8 sec. x 3

Camera (Image Processing)

Line color CCD camera


LED lighting system

Transfer Conveyor Method

Flat belt  transfer

Transfer Conveyor Height

880 - 920 mm (34.65 - 36.22 in.)

Transfer Conveyor Width Adjustment


Operating System

Windows XP English Version

Optional System

BF-Editor / BF-RP1 / BF-Monitor / BF-View


2D Barcode Recognition, Journal Printer, Automatic Transfer Conveyor Width Adjustment

Electric Power Requirement

Single phase ~100-120V/200V-240V+/-10%, 50/60Hz, 800VA

Air Requirement

0.5MPa, 5L/min (ANR), 73PSI, 0.18CFM

Usage Environment

15°C(59F) - 30°C(86F) / 15 - 80% RH


Noise Level


Dimensions W x D x H

1500 W x 1360 D x 1380 H mm (59.06 W x 53.54 D x 54.33 H in.)


Approx. 530 Kg (1168 lbs)

(*1) If a PCB size is smaller than 686 W x 870 L mm (27 W x 34.25 L in.), Image scanning time will be shorter than these values. Shading process is performed when a PCB is loaded to the machine.


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